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Monday, 12 February 2018

I Can Wear A Rainbow ...

If there are three things I'm most readily associated with in the world of blogging, they are hair scarves, bunnies and flamingos.

Hairscarves, see:

(inconvenient meeting of hair and hanging basket)

Unlike flamingos and bunnies, the hair scarves are unfortunately becoming harder to find. The most I have ever paid was £3 and the least 20p. Upon entering charity shops, as it's just not worth the root around for vintage clothing in our charity shops (the best you could hope to see is the odd 70s maxi or shiny 80s dresses). So, I always make a beeline first to the scarves, then the nightwear, then the  handbags. I move on to have a look for gloves and then lastly it's the glassware*. 

My first scarves were two red ones and a yellow one, which belonged to my Nan. Nan-me-downs as I call them. I believe I have found half a dozen on my lonesome: one long strip scarf (the others are all squares) for £3 in Chichester. Four all together in an Isle of Wight charity shop for £1.50 each and a lone rumpled one in the bottom of a basket of scarves in a teeny charity shop near us for 20p. The rest were gifts from various lovely bloggers: Vix, Curtise and Loo. I have only ever left one behind in a charity shop and that was a red one, as I already had two red, and the red of the one I found was identical to one I already had.

This is my collection of hair scarves.
So pretty all together.

And this pale pink one on the left is a new arrival to my rainbow of scarves. A gift last October from lovely Vix (the darker pink next door was one of the gifts from Curtise).
I always get excited when I welcome a new scarf into the fold. The yellow one with gold thread was one of my nan's.

I do still see coloured glass, it's one vintage item that I still see relatively cheaply, so it kills me to have to leave so much behind as currently I don't have the room to accommodate it to its best advantage (coloured glass begs to be kept in a glass cabinet and though I have been given the okay to have a new cabinet in which to store further prettiness, unfortunately the only place a new cabinet would fit at present is where our armchair sits, and with that gone, we only have a two seat sofa ... it's not though, as if we have many visitors ;) ). I am still haunted by the dinky pink glass tea set, the set of 1950's shot glasses in atomic holder and the set of amber fish plates. Let us not speak of the carnival glass jug either, or that will move me on to the vast array of carnival glass I saw just before Christmas.  I swear I could have filled another cabinet in one go with what I stumbled across.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Handbags at Dawn ...

This is my new handbag. Isn't it pretty. I saw it in a Dogs Trust charity shop for £5 and walked away.
I left it behind as I didn't think Andy would be amused if I came home with another handbag, but it played on my mind.

I made the decision to treat myself as I was feeling utterly wretched after Bob went away.

As I don't generally have a lot of luck when it comes to finding goodies in charity shops, I'm only surprised it was still there when I went back a week later, but then even Andy said that women carry around far more than would fit in a bag this size these days.

I love the detailing along the top by the clasp.

It was made in The Republic of Ireland.
The lining is a shiny satin type fabric.

I thought you might want to see some other bags I have. This is just a small smattering of what I have ...

You all know my flamingo bag:

1950s coin purse. I assume this was my nan's.

Two little clutch bags.

I want to say 1970s?

Modern but with a vintage feel.


Also vintage ...

The star of the show! 1950's scrumptiousness which I am too scared to take out.
I went out with it once, to the dentist and the dental nurse was in awe of it. I am in awe of it. I am also so scared it will get damaged.

I have other vintage bags which I really should photograph. I have a fantastic boxy little Quant-esque four quarter bag and a wonderful bright red shoulder bag which I took around when I was sixties obsessed.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

I Spoke Too Soon...

Preparing myself to go out, I pulled my jacket from the wardrobe and rooted around for one of my fur collars. Unable to find either, I decided it couldn't be that cold out, so off I went, wearing only the scarf Mim sent me.

As I emerged out onto the main road, my circle skirt had already flown high onto the air, flashing my petticoats. As I reached town it had become really rather chilly and by the time I got to the halfway point of the high street the rain had started. As I reached the town square I was being pelted by hail.

The only thing that made the whole ordeal (terrible weather and a forty five minute delay at the surgery) worthwhile was the fact I came home with a new to me handbag. I'd been hankering after it since I spotted it last week and thought that to try and cheer myself up, if I saw it was still in the shop on my way to see the doctor, I would treat myself. In reality, I could have come home with four vintage handbags today, but firstly I’m not made of money, and secondly I don't think I could justify to Andy the purchase of four handbags.

I am at this closing point still hankering after two of the other handbags ........

Monday, 19 June 2017

Oh Beautiful Lana

I'm getting into the swing of outfit posts!
Isn't summer so much easier when it comes to such things?

Oh, beautiful Lana
I told it my mama
And my dad
What I had
Was the sweetest
And the neatest
Little girl
In the world

Oh beautiful Lana
Don't you know that I wanna
Hug and kiss you
And Let you know that I miss you
While we're apart
Oh my heart
All it can say is


This is the 'Lana' dress from Lindy Bop.
I asked Andy to pick me a dress to wear on this day and had an instinct this is what he would pick and I was right.
He also picked out the hair scarf which was a gift from lovely Vix.

There are no problems with sizing with this dress, which is why I have so many 'Lana' dresses. If I was to make a fuss, an inch or two in skirt length would be nice, but it's fine really, no real problems at all.

I picked the earrings, little metal lilac flowers, as the dress too, has little lilac flowers and the me made necklace which is made from imperial jasper.

The shoes are old ones from Joe Browns, and I adore them, but they needed a repair the night before as the upper shoe was coming apart from the wedge part. They seemed okay by morning, after spending the night with the weight of a chair laden with heavy books on top (1000 Vegan Recipes, Cars of the Late 60's and Warhol, if you're interested!).

However, I then wore this outfit last Friday, to pick up my labradorite disc from a jewellers and we were then moving on to a National Trust arboretum.

First, we went to the bespoke jewellers I won the gift voucher from at last years car show. This years car show had just been on, so I knew I had to use my voucher now as it was getting silly. However, I couldn't afford to have my labradorite made into anything, as it was way, way out of my price range, so picked out this beautiful little faceted rose quartz bracelet with magnetic silver clasp.
I love it! I've adored rose quartz since I was in my teens, it's so delicately beautiful and I couldn't be happier with this.

Then onward to the arboretum and the pesky heel of my shoes came unglued as I was being adventurous going down some steps. And then I lost my balance because of this and hurt my leg.

But I can guarantee you that I was the most vibrantly dressed visitor this day, brighter even than the kiddies! My post about the trip is coming soon.

Anyway, after the arboretum, where we debated a cuppa at the café, but figured they wouldn't have soy milk for me, then realised we didn't have any money anyway, we moved on to a few places trying to find me a flask so I could have a cuppa when we were out and about. I wanted a flamingo one, as you do if you're me, but the one I had seen on Amazon didn't have good reviews, so we trawled around a few garden centres trying to see what they had and found absolutely nothing. I had to make do with ordering a 'normal' one once home.

I did find flamingos though: a soft toy, a watering can, an umbrella, paper cups and plates and these fine fellows, but the only flamingos to come home with me were the ones on my handbag:

As we were passing through a small village near here, we popped in a charity shop and as always, I made a beeline to handbags (nothing), gloves (two pairs, one looked modern and one pair was horribly stained and I wasn't sure they would clean up well and as they were in a locked cabinet, I figured they would have a higher price tag and I could feasibly spend money on gloves which would never clean up nicely) and then moved to the scarves and had a good dig through a seemingly bottomless basket and voila!

Can you see it? It's one of my trademark 50's/60's chiffon scarves and is a soft buttery colour with gold thread stitching at the hem. I then remembered we had no money of any consequence on either of us. I asked the lady how much, as these charmingly ramshackle little charity shops usually charge around £1.50 for scarves and she looked pityingly at the one I was wafting about and said, "20p?" like she thought asking that much for such a sorry sight was criminal. We managed to scrape together 20p and I left, very, very happy with my 20p scarf. This is the least I have ever paid for one.

Then, when I got home, I tried to put it with my other scarves and first attempted to put it with the yellows, as all my scarves are tied up in rainbow order, but it looked white next to the vibrant yellows I already have. So, I moved it next to the white one and then it looked really yellow. It ended up with the yellows.
These are the problems of the compulsive organiser ladies and gentlemen.

And that was that!
My leg though, still really hurts. 

Friday, 18 March 2016

Those Were The Weeks That Were

Of Fur Mothering Sunday
The bunnies got me a card (pictured at the top of this post) and a gift! Apparently they had VIB (Very Important Bunny) access to the shops before opening time, which is why I never knew they had been shopping. They got me earrings. I also got myself some too in a sale, the daisy ones second from the left are the ones I got.

Of Wildlife and Weather
It snowed here. Briefly mind you, but it snowed nonetheless and we even had white out conditions on higher ground.
On my way to hospital the other week, walking along the river as I always do, I saw a pigeon in the water. Not by the water, but in. A cat was also stalking the poor thing along the river bank. I consequently made myself late to my appointment while I stayed with poor Pidge and waited for Andy to come and help me. I simply couldn't get myself down the sloping bank to get the poor thing out myself and no one passing by wanted to help so I had to call Andy as I stood guard, endlessly seeing the cat off. That afternoon we took Pidge to the bird hospital, but unfortunately he didn't make it. His crop was ruptured and infected, so he was put to sleep :( Poor Pidge.

Of Vintage Things
I have a new accessory: a glove clip! I have wanted one for an age as I am fed up of dropping gloves but they are so expensive. My patience paid off and I now have an original 1940's/50's one. Sweet isn't it. 

I also have a new nightie which I am convinced would make a lovely dress. It was sent to me by lovely Vix and I had no idea what it might be, just that a parcel was headed my way. I was thrilled when I opened it up and so completely charmed by the undeniable prettiness and the gorgeous colour! Thank you again Vix xxx

Of Not Going Out and Taking Things Too Far?
As it is Spring and I do indeed wear glasses, I also wear prescription sunglasses and with that comes the tiresome swapping over when going in and out of places. I began to ponder glasses chains. Was this a step too far, wondered I. I then decided it wasn't and treated myself. Now I'm again wondering … too far? Andy said I look like a librarian.

I wanted to show off the chain, but was going nowhere so thought I would be brave and show you what I look like when I am staying home, doing housewifely things and not going out. Taa daa! Still got the hair scarf but with the added glamour of an apron. And my hair is being the usual curly free spirit it is wont to be, you have to love curly hair for that alone!

Of Little Welsh Handmade Cars
We pick Meirionwen up tomorrow!

* * *

I am somewhat behind on reading blog posts as my computer had a hissy fit and I couldn't use the keyboard until now, but I shall play catch up this weekend x

Friday, 6 November 2015

Hey, Monkey Monkey!

Back in July ...


... we went to Monkey World.

I wore a vintage dress, vintage hair scarf and a vintage crystal necklace.

We had oodles of fun.

Here are my pictures.

Lemurs, how I adore you.
Such wise faces.

I love Tamarins and this little Cotton Top was chirping at me from the little tunnel adjoining two areas for some time.

 Let us pause to truly appreciate this picture.
Baby Robin!
Isn't the wee thing just the most precious little bundle of feathers!