Monday, 23 May 2016

Washed Out

These pictures were taken shortly before my hair was dyed, so it's looking a little washed out colour wise. Some of the pictures taken this day, my hair looked so light in parts, it was simply a haze. Rather angelic really!

I started out with fair blonde hair as a baby, it then turned auburn and gradually lightened.

A hairdresser a few years ago said my natural hair colour was a very dark blonde with copper running through. I prefer my darker hair though, as does Andy and my current hairdresser.

What I Wore:

Pink Vintage Hair Scarf - gift from Curtise
Pink top and black ballet flats - retail
Black belt - Hell Buny
Pink martini skirt - Lindy Bop
Petticoats - eBay

So what's what in Folly Land?

It's was Andy's week off last week and his birthday, so we went to the Haynes Motor Museum. We had Meirionwen with us all last week, but took her back to her quarters on Friday as we were off to the museum on Saturday and heavy rain was forecast and we didn't want her out in awful weather and in a busy car park, so we took our other car.

Speaking of Miss Meirionwen, we have her first show this weekend, how exciting! Last week we drove her down to Portsmouth (very brave) so Andy could get his hair cut and so we could drop in on an old school friend of mine who was elnding us a vintage suitcase. Meirionwen got some compliments: "Nice car" from a passing man. "I like it!" from a young boy and a rather aggressive, "That's a sick car!" from a young boy on a BMX, hehe! Visiting Rhian was lovely and we got to play with her wee dog Eddie and I had a fuss with one of her cats, Lily, who is an absolute beauty and sat on my lap! And there was I thinking cats didn't like me, so obviously it's just neighbouring cats who don't like me as I always chase them away from the bird table and my furbabies.
We also have a tax disc for Meirionwen and a barnacle tax disc holder for it.

Oh! And I got a late Christmas gift -