Tuesday, 2 February 2016

A Rare Haul

Being that I am of a sort that usually adds to her wardrobe when she needs something, I have plumped out my wardrobe considerably since last Summer. You've already seen one of my Lindy Bop dresses and my pink knitted beret but there's more! Oh yes there is!

I shall start with knitwear ...

The first item was a hospice charity shop find in the summer. A lilac knitted top which I thought was very vintage appropriate.

Prior to December, I found myself a snuggly Christmas jumper which was no mean feat as I had so much criteria to tick off the mental list. It's burgundy.

Then I was back in the Hospice charity shop and found this very cute little cardigan! I think it's handknitted as there are no tags of any sort or any evidence that any have been snipped out. I am guessing it's old as you don't see this type of knitting in garments anymore, they were everywhere once upon a time.


My sister gave me this lovely purple hare scarf for my birthday. It was so warm, which surprised me, so when I saw this butterfly one in the same hospice charity shop as the lilac jumper, I snapped it up just the other week at the same time as I got the loopy cardi.


A Lindy Bop dress from the summer sale.

My teapot dress which I sewed myself.

A new year Lindy Bop sale dress.


A beautiful skirt from lovely Kezzie for my birthday.

Five Lindy Bop skirts for Christmas.

Round The House and Night Clothes

The brother in law and his girlfriend gave me hare socks and hare jimbers for Christmas, but the bottoms were too small, so I kept the hare print top and returned the bottoms and ended up with more jimbers. I am not a jimber wearer, I am a nightie lover, but alas they had no nighties and nothing else I could afford as an exchange. Plus this shop is rather, ahem, country set.


And I found a book in the Oxfam bookshop which was brand new and had an interesting cover.

The thing next to the book is actually a set of bunny/hare stitch markers for my crocheting, a birthday gift from my sister but I now can't figure out how to attach split ring markers on to my work, but wouldn't it make a fabulous brooch!

And plates! Coloured glass! From a charity shop.

I have been getting rid of things too, we started a declutter in January and a few things have already gone and I am being strong with a few clothing items I have been hanging on to for no particular reason, which I do not wear and won't wear again, so they'll likely go to the cat and rabbit rescue charity shop which supports where Bob and Belle were adopted from, there or the hospice shop which I have had some luck in recently.