Monday, 30 November 2015

Monday is Bunday

Well every day here is Bunday but also, today is St Andrews Day. I am not Scottish, nor do I have any (that I know of) Scottish roots. My roots lie firmly in England, Wales and Copenhagen. I live in England, have now been to Wales. Next stop Copenhagen! In my dreams for now mind you.

I have been so poorly this year and am thoroughly fed up of being in pain or discomfort but have been distracting myself crocheting. Crocheting flowers for brooches and squares for throws. 

I started off with a red rose as a nod to my English roots. I moved on to mistletoe because I love mistletoe and a clover leaf just because. Then I made an oddly sized lily of the valley and then for my Welsh roots, a daffodil. Then I was on to a Marguerite daisy for my Danish heritage. There have also been poppies. Then I made holly and the last one I made was a thistle as I do so love thistles and it's of course appropriate for St Andrews Day, seeing as I covered St Georges Day with the rose and St Davids with my daffodil. I shall not be crocheting a shamrock, as St Patricks Day annoys me. So as it is St Andrews Day and I have a thistle brooch, I thought I would share said brooch ... and my new hat. And new lipstick :)

This is a variation on my concentration face. 
My hat is more of a raspberry pink than this picture shows and my lipstick is a dark cherry which I though more appropriate when wearing pink.
My brooch looks odd here, likely to do with knocking it about ushering the bunnies back into bed before we went out grocery shopping. It just looks like a weird yarny lump here.

Minus concentration face variation ...

Hey ho for wonky thistles. Along with a new hat, I also have a new dress, a new vintage appropriate jumper and a Christmassy jumper, yay! I am also sewing a dress. That long ago mentioned teapot dress.

And as it is as previously stated, Bunday, have some bunnies!
When Belle relaxes, she RE-LAXES. This relaxed state follows on directly from a loud bomp as she throws herself onto her side very ungracefully!