Thursday, 22 June 2017

Whole Lottie Love

I've been letting Andy choose my outfits again.
This time he chose 'Lottie', also from Lindy Bop.

I hadn't worn this since I got it last year, even though it was the dress I was most looking forward to arriving, and consequently the one I was most concerned about not turning up, knowing first hand about Lindy Bop and their overselling shenanigans.

The reason I hadn't worn it was because I didn't realise the fabric would look quite so evening-esque (it even rustles like taffeta), and I really don't go anywhere even remotely dressy, but when you let your husband pick your clothes, you end up wearing such dresses to National Trust properties.

Sunday dawned bright and hot and we were going back to Mottisfont Abbey, a place last visited on January 2nd, and we, okay, I thought it was high time to experience it in summer.
But I digress.

This dress is wonderfully floaty, but is made from polyester, so I was a bit concerned that I might overheat with temperatures predicted to be high. I was already melting come 9am, stood in the kitchen which frequently reaches the mid 90's, while ironing Andy's shirt for him.

I purposely only wore minimal jewellery, as necklaces can feel a tad 'sticky' in hot weather, so I left that out of the mix, but as you can see, Lottie has an unusual neckline, so it was redundant anyway.

The bodice is just about long enough on me, the skirt too, but the neckline does something odd.
The sleeves, which are cap like, have a tendency to bunch inward, for instance, were you to use your arms, which as a human being, I do, fairly regularly and that causes the front of the bodice to gape outwards.

It's here that I started noticing a trend in Lindy Bop bodices, when they have a wrap front, they often suffer from a gaping problem with the bodice, leading me to keep referring to it as a LBG (Lindy Bop Gape) problem and I now rate them on a one to ten sliding scale of Hoochie-ness. One being positively virginal and ten being Vintagey Hoochie Mama.

Lottie is definitely a problem, for me anyway, if I use my arms (an occupational hazard) and if I lean forward. I only discovered this once at Mottisfont, when reapplying sun cream and realised as I leant forward to do my legs, that if anyone was any closer, I would be flashing them my bra! The reality was, I could have fit about two squirrels down my top if I leant forward.
Yes, I also have a squirrel rating.

Long story short, I was warm, it was mid 80's this day, but my biggest problem was keeping a grip on the plastic coated handle of my parasol! My hands got extremely hot and the thing kept sliding out of my grip!

My feet were also too hot in my elderly ballet flats.

Red chiffon hair scarf - vintage, nan me down
Diamnate hairgrip attached to scarf - gift
Dress - Lottie, Lindy Bop
Petticoat - eBay
Shoes - retail

Parasol - gift
Sunglasses - prescription
Plastic woven bag - had for years
Earrings - Accesorize
Bracelet - George Rain Jewellery

I rate this dress, because of the bodice shenanigans, five on the Hoochie scale and two on the squirrel scale.