Saturday, 4 November 2017

Gingham, Granny Squares and Twin Peaks Shenanigans

I'm rather rubbish at this blogging lark, but I get there eventually.

I am also rubbish at staying in my shoes. My feet appear to have shrunk as now I can't walk two paces without falling out of my shoes. I actually stepped out of my shoe in Waitrose the other day, leaving it behind. 
You can just call me Cinderella.

And also rather rubbish at remembering to put my hair scarf in for photos!
 Andy was bewildered when I got in the car the other day with no earrings in, and no hair scarf. Apparently I didn't look like me.
In my defense, I wasn't feeling well and I forgot.

Victorian jet beads, once upon a time destined for the bin until I saved them.
I had to restring them.

One of my favourite tops, which always seems to look messy in photos, which I suppose makes it messy in real life too. 
It's old, and the elastic is going, so it sits in awkward ways.
And look, mid photos, I put my scarf in!

This skirt is one of my older makes. It annoys me that gingham is synonymous with school uniforms in this country, as I love it so.
 I have been subjected to sarcastic comments from parents over the years. "Oh," they say with a sugary smile, "got your school uniform on have you?"
"Oh," I feel like replying, as I eye their sports gear, "forgot to get dressed today did you?"

Anyway, in other news, my crochet throw is almost finished! 
This is part of it.

And the Twin Peaks part of this post? I am crocheting a Twin Peaks inspired bag. 
As you do, if you're me.

I hope you had a wonderful Halloween if you like that sort of thing. We stayed at home, popped Wilf in the window all lit up, ate homemade pumpkin pie and watched the original Halloween film. Then as there were no Trick or Treaters, we ate some of the fun sized Malteasers we'd got in, just in case.

This is Wilf in case you haven't met him before.

* * *

What I Wore:

Black vintage hair scarf - gift
Black jet beads - saved from the bin
Black peasant top - retail, years ago
Gingham skirt  - made by me
Shoes - charity shop