Saturday, 23 September 2017

National Treasures: Petworth Grounds

I hasten to add that I did not wear this fruit picking!

Join me in a trip back to July won't you?

Day two of Andy's holiday saw us at a local farm shop, fruit picking! It was Andy's idea to go strawberry picking. I was a little hesitant, picturing myself having to be on the floor in the dirt, but saw you could pick damsons and I really wanted to do that (I don't have floor suitable clothing, so saw damson picking as Melanie friendly). Alas, it was too soon for damsons, so we opted for tayberries and strawberries. Yum! Thankfully, it was just a bit of bending involved, no having to kneel on the ground.

Day three, we headed back to Petworth House in West Sussex, as we were last there in January. We thought it about time to see the grounds and interior properly. Go here to my last post for further information about the house.

What I wore:

Chiffon hair scarves - vintage
Dress - original 1950's, a gift
Petticoat - eBay
Shoes - retail
Bag - retail, had for years

First, the grounds.
Petworth doesn't have gardens so much as they have pleasure grounds. I made a beeline to this, as we had seen it up the top of a hill on our first visit. It was rainy then, I had boots with heels and I wasn't feeling adventurous. 

There were lovely views from up there I must say.

Then we found this temple. The inscription amused us as it sounds like dying in battle was the family tradition! What a family tradition! "But Mum! I don't want to follow in family tradition!" 

Soon enough we reached the house.

I had to go halfway across the front lawn (covered in much goose doo-doo by the way) to get the whole house in the photo.
I believe it's one of the largest houses in the world.

There was a lovely lake ...

... with King Goose declaring some sort of military battle I reckon. That or describing the best method to get the lawn to themselves by depositing as much doo-doo as goosely possible. "You, Alan, you cover the west side. Ian, you cover the east bank! Shirley, no, no arguments, south side! Barbara, you take the north!"

We then made a beeline to this. Still have no idea what it is. It was lovely being up there and looking out to the lake though.
A quote from my last Petworth post:
"It also has an expansive deer park, landscaped by Capability Brown, which contains the largest herd of fallow deer in England."
We saw no evidence of this infamous deer herd. We didn't even see a glimpse, so I felt somewhat cheated. 

After we'd exhausted the house (post to come), we popped into the village. It's awfully pretty, but a bit hairy for pedestrians, as pavement keeps running out, so you had to keep crossing roads with blind bends. 

Oh yes, I found some flamingos!
Andy really wanted the old petrol pump.

We got a few provisions, as we had only taken tea with us, for some inexplicable reason, and had our picnic in the area between the house and servants quarters. 
Interestingly, the servants quarters were in a different building to the main house ... all for the sake of peace and quiet. Yes, you may serve us, but we don't want to see, or hear you.