Sunday, 26 February 2017

Folly Come Lately

My week in three pictures and much waffle.

There has been a lot of Ricky Nelson here this past week as I have become somewhat obsessed with his voice. I've always had a thing for voices, speaking voices in particular but sometimes a singer comes along and makes me melt.

There has been a moderate amount of sewing too. I was ironing and pulled a freshly washed apron from the basket. It was torn, so I pulled it apart and pinned it back together. I then did the same to my other apron as it was sitting a little high when wearing it. I then spent Wednesday putting them back together and also turning Andy's tired work trousers into work shorts. I also did battle with the epic patchwork quilt cover that I started years ago now. I have absolutely had enough of it at this point and have decided that it can stay wonky and rustic, as I'm officially beyond caring.

Ann wanted to see the perfume I got after I told her that the stopper was designed by a glass designer. I may have told a fib as I have since found out the whole bottle was designed by Polish designer Bronislaw Krzysztof. I feel very fancy pants having this. I actually got this free in a goodie bag as an apology. £95 perfume as a freebie isn't to be sniffed at, well technically it is, but you know what I mean!

What else .. Oh yes, I rediscovered my white lace peignoir last weekend. There was me thinking I looked not unlike Christine from Phantom Of The Opera wearing it, but when teamed with my baby doll nightwear, Andy said I looked like I belonged in a 1950's New Orleans brothel. I believe this was meant to be a good thing.