Monday, 27 April 2015

Butterflies and Elvis

Andy calls this my Elvis blouse.
I've had it for years and thought it would go really well with my butterfly skirt. Seeing the photos, I'm not so sure. 

It looks okay in most of these photos but it keeps coming untucked and doesn't even balloon over the waistband as the body of it is really narrow making it simply look untidy. So many photos didn't make this post because of how untidy it looked.

It's a little bit see-through which is what's stopping Andy from wearing it to gigs.
He tried it on the other evening ...

... I promptly fell about laughing as what with the sheer fabric he looked as though he was all set to star in some sort of homo-erotic pirate epic.

In other news, the bunnies have been little beggars these past few days. They have been absolutely full of it. Mischief at every. single. turn.
Bob has an obsession with going up on the sofa and scrabbling and
scrabbling and SCRABBLING.
Belle's thing is going on the armchair and scrabbling and digging, moving ever
backwards until she falls off. She also slides forward and then does something with her head, almost like she's tasting the air. Belle's an odd duck.
 Then there's digging in the litter tray and kicking litter a few feet across the floor. Once, of course, I have hand swept the floor (the vacuum cleaner has broken).

To save the furniture, I had to lock them in the pen Saturday while I was cleaning the bedroom windows. I thought it would be okay as they were eating hay.
It was locked for a minute I'd say, then Bob was at the bars until I came in again and opened the door. Did they hop out? Oh no, they stayed inside and went back to the hay.
With bunnies it's just the principle of the thing.

* * *

On this day I wore vintage faux pearls, my Elvis blouse, my gorgeous indigo butterfly skirt, which you'll be seeing a lot of as I am in love with it ...

... the earrings dear Kezzie had gifted me, black ballet flats and a pink lace belt which is the same style as my lilac one.