Monday, 25 May 2015

And Baby Here I Am, I'm Your Sea of Devotion

I made a pie! I've wanted to make pies since I first saw Pushing Daisies and as my nan was a very proficient pastry maker, I hoped it would be in my genes (and not down my skirt when I dropped said pie in a hissy fit temper).

Oh my. It took so long. I think I first entered the kitchen at 11am after the first two start times being pushed back. The first because the butter was not sufficiently chilled and the second when I had no ice for ice water, so Monday it was.

After chilling and then blind baking and chilling and sitting, it was out of the oven by about 3.45pm and sat there for about ten minutes cooling on the stove as neither of us could figure out how to get a slice out of the pie dish.

(I don't have a windowsill to place a cooling pie on so a neighbourhood tramp or children off on an adventure can steal it)

I made a cherry pie with purchased cherry pie filling on Andy's suggestion, so I could concentrate on the pastry for my first foray into pie making. And do you know what? It was not only edible,but rather lovely. Rustic looking, yes, but rather scrummy.

Andy said he liked the filling.




Recall his previous remarks about me and Alex Turner and his comments about my hair? Well back off ladies, he's a keeper and he's mine.

Served with vegan ice cream as 'normal' ice cream teamed with the butter in the pastry would surely be my downfall.  

And have a gratuitous bunny shot. No idea what this was all about, but nice hat Bob! And behold the revamp they did to Andy's amp cover, in what we here call Box Corner.

Does anyone have any clothes storage ideas? We keep off season clothes and items
with sentimental value in vacuum sealed bags under the bed but seeing as it's the
 Gateway to Bunny Narnia, we cannot keep the little weasels out from under there.
Bob discovered Bunny Narnia years ago so is a bit complacent about the whole affair,
but it's Belle's sole purpose in life and she's already torn one bag completely
open. It's so disheartening as we paid a lot for those bags and now they're all
but one ruined.
Space is at an absolute premium here and one good place would have been the corner of
our room in storage boxes but the Christmas tree and decorations are there. I'm this close
 to getting alternative storage for the decorations and putting the clothes in the
Christmas boxes.