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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

National Treasures: Mottisfont Abbey & Hot Cross Bunnies

Wonky, Wonky!

Mottisfont Lane, Romsey SO51 0LP

After seeing the roses at Mottisfont, we went in the house, which seemed far cooler upon walking in, but after a little while of being inside, the heat there got to me too, and my (much denied by me) asthma was making me a tiny bit wheezy.

This was the first room we went in. A full shot wasn't practical considering how many people were in there at the time.
So, you'll have to make do with the smaller details.


Want this too.

Also want this.

It's not that I don't like it, but I don't really want the harpsichord, which you were allowed to play if you just checked with a volunteer first. The bunnies would chew the legs.

I'd rather like this too.

Moving on ...
I have always had an aversion to four poster beds with the covered top. My mind says murderers will be hiding atop the bed, waiting for dark to fall.

Detail of the original abbey


Next room ...

Dining room floor detail ...

Next room ...
Also want ...

Want this too ...

Entrance to, and actual maids quarters ...

I'd rather like this Hoover.

Deco detailing on a hat ...

Yes please.

I'll take the lot!

This was so clever and yes, I wanted this too.

So much want on such a small surface!


This'll be handy to put all my goodies in.

Lovely staircases ...

I loved the maids quarters and thought that was my favourite bit, until this!
I then proceeded to hold everyone up and a queue formed behind me...

Look how deep the bath is!

4711 perfume! I actually have some of that!

Original Tudor beams

It was really lovely inside, we got to see rooms we didn't last time and I just love the Edwardian era and all its trappings.

Next up, we went for a wander about the grounds and ended up walking along the river, which was so beautiful. The man who we passed who was trying to photograph either a damselfly or a dragonfly on his phone, was still there when we returned on the other side of the river! Exact same spot and you could see his desperation by this point!
I had no such problems.

Do you know how hard it was trying to get a picture on the bridge with no one else on it?

By the time we got back to the house, we both agreed that we had had enough, and after a quick turn about the gift shop, headed back to the car and after a short stop off ...

Bunny Lane Is In My Ears and In My Eyes!

... headed back home to the bunnies, who we had left with a fan on, next to their pen, but they were not happy with the weather and were not dealing well with the heat in our living room, which reached 82 Fahrenheit at one point in the evening.

We gave them an ice block wrapped in a towel which they promptly moved away from.
I then pointed the fan right at them until it ruffled their fur and lo, they did move away and they did make us feel guilty for trying to make them cooler.

It very much smacked of, "But we were happy there! Why did you put that cold thing on us? I don't care if we're hot, you had no right to do that! You left us alllll day and then you came home and you did that! We're going to go over there now, when we were happy where we were and we will smoodge together until we're even hotter and it'll ALL BE YOUR FAULT!"

Bunnies. What can you do?

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

National Treasures: Hinton Ampner Pt II

Hinton Ampner, near Alresford, Hampshire, SO24 0LA

Part One can be found here, from when we first went in January, with a little of the gardens and entrance hall, with a potted history of the place.

In May we returned, hoping to see bluebells. It was our second attempt at getting back there.
Hinton Ampner is our second nearest property.

I was very intrigued to see the interior of the house, especially considering the fire in the sixties and how it was restored back to how it would have looked in the mid 1930's. That's a hint to what lies inside by the way by the way.

I must say, this house is right up there with Polesden Lacey for me, I loved it! It's not a teeny house at all, but it's small enough to be very comfortable. This room particularly, isn't it beautiful! I think it's the colours which really set it apart. It's grand, but oh so elegant, I can just imagine being curled up on a sofa in front of a fire, reading a book. 

Many, many items in the house were made of blue john which is a type of fluorite.

Room two, which was more what I expect from stately homes, all the rich colours.

Dining room.

This extraordinarily art deco looking piece of furniture is in fact, Georgian.

Bathroom number one!
Art deco heaven.
Isn't it a beauty! One of the volunteers said that many people just don't like this room at all.
Why? I fell for it soon as peer through the door.

Look at the skylights!
The mirror and sink!
That little alcove off at the back is where the toilet is, with the best view of the gardens apparently!

That wallpaper!

The taps!


We were told at least four hands were responsible for the patchwork quilt on the bed.

Another bedroom

Another beauty of a bathroom.

Another bedroom, this was my favourite.

Oh look! Another bathroom!

Bizarre rabbits in a painting.
I think though, that they might be bizarre hares, considering there are tortoises also.
Oh hang on though, there are lions too, is this a depiction of Noah's Ark?
I wish I'd taken better notice now!

But if they are bunnies, surely this is what bunnies look like?
It's Bob!

I have a follow up post ready to go, featuring the beautiful gardens.
So, so pretty.