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Monday, 2 October 2017

Rang dang diggedy dang di-dang ...

Mmmm, saucepan tea ......

At 12.30am yesterday, our power went out. It was back on again soon enough and we thought that was that.

At 10.30am, just as we were ready for a second cup of tea, it went out again and stayed off until 12.30pm. In that time, we had to make tea by boiling water in a saucepan. See, I said we needed a stove top whistling kettle. And do we have one? No. No we do not.

In this initial time, I utilised my little Bluetooth speaker and listened to music via my iPod, while we drank tea. Then the doorbell rang and it was our neighbour wanting to know if it was just him with no power. As we stood there with cups of tea in hand and with music coming out from behind, we assured him it wasn't just him, but I don't think he was convinced, as I saw him eyeing my cup!

12.30pm, the power came back on and I was in the kitchen in a flash, trying to get dinner on early, for fear it would go out again and lo, it did go out again fifteen minutes later and stayed off until 7.45pm.

Initially it was all fun and games. I read a bit of It. I crocheted a square for my throw. I listened to music until my speaker lost power and then I lost my daylight, as it was also rainy and overcast, so by about 4.30pm, I couldn't see well enough to do anything. We tried to get an old Bush radio which runs on batteries working, succeeded, but the medium wave signal kept dipping in and out. There was only one solution, which I had fallen back on once, on a long journey when we had no car radio.

"Andy, sing for me," I requested.
"Sing what?" he asked, as if he didn't know.
"White lines," I replied.

I had in the car that time asked him to sing for me and he reeled off a full rendition of White Lines by Grandmaster Flash for me. I wanted a reprisal of that day. I only got part of it, as I was far too amused by the "Rang dang diggedy dang di-dang, Diggedy dang di-dang, diggedy dang di-dang" part.

We then played I Spy. He danced while flashing a torch around to some record on the radio. We had more saucepan tea and oh yes, he made beans on toast, by toasting bread on the gas hob. Mmmm, chargrilled bread.

So that was Sunday!

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Jaunting to Windsor!

Every time we go to Windsor, we get lost.
We can get there no problem at all, but always get tangled up in the actual place
and end up going around in circles.
We go along a road and I can't guarantee we went down there before,
but I get intense Déjà vu at every turn.

This time we ended up in Eton ... ooooooooh, it was so pretty!
And I haven't a single photo to show.
I would like to go back for a proper look around,
but I don't recall seeing anywhere that looked even remotely like
somewhere you could park. 

Before I go any further though, a cautionary tale ...

Pootle along in your car in your gingham dress with your blonde curls, please do.
(I swear I have this same doll)

But please be aware of bald girls in mop caps ...

See, they are not to be trusted. Look how she's eyeballing Curly!
Curly in her gingham dress is likely going to come a cropper at the hands of Baldy ... 

... like this little lady.
Baldy will testify in doll court, that it was their hair that made her do it.

Anyway ... we were headed not to Windsor castle, but to a motor museum near Windsor, for Andy's birthday. He says thank you for his birthday wishes by the way.

The birthday boy in his gift from me, Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses.
Note that he said he would never wear his hair like he does, but oh look, he does and we are getting through combs like you wouldn't believe, as he leaves them in unknown places and they are never seen again. The quest for pomade is also an endless one.

He also said he wasn't keen on Ray Ban sunglasses and look what he requested as a birthday gift...
I wonder what else I can achieve.
(I am trying to coax him back into a vintage U.S mechanics shirt he has)

Anyway, we finally got to the museum ... and had to leave again as they didn't have a card machine, so we ended up at Sainsbury's using their cash point.
Finally back there and, there was a meeting of the Mercedes 190sl owners club in the grounds.

Not a 190sl but rather lovely.

Tis me!
Brown polka dot hair scarf, gift from Kezzie
Old faux pearl and chain drop earrings
Me made smokey quartz necklace.
Jacket, gift from Andy
Gypsy top, ancient!
Wonky Belt, Hell Bunny
Skirt Lindy Bop
Petticoat, eBay
Gloves, vintage
Shoes, charity shop

Most of the cars are film props.

General McArthur's cars I believe.

Other beauties.


One of my absolute favourite cars.
Andy now tells me he would have considered getting one of these.
All is well though, as we have Meirionwen.

Concentration face, me. Crikey I look dishevelled. That's open car windows for you.
If you think this is bad, you should see me after I've been anywhere in Meirionwen.

Mannequin face, Andy.


I saw this in the café area, it was one of many (so many) royal souvenirs on display.
It caused not only me much hilarity, but another couple of visitors too, and yes,
photos were taken by all!
I'm sure you'll agree, that this is on a whole new level when it comes
to commemorative royal tat souvenirs.

I like the idea of HMS Dainty.

But HMS Terror? No thank you!
Mim, look, a ship for your kitties!
And HMS Victory lives in the city I grew up in, Portsmouth!


Our neighbour in the car park.
1962 Ford Thunderbird.

Afterwards, we went to see Meirionwen.
I was feeling artistic.

Meirionwen's Bond-esque interior.

Map light!

Some of Meirionwen's friends ...

It's Helene!
(why yes I do name cars which are nothing to do with me)