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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Flamingo Girl

On mothers day we went to visit my mother but she didn't answer the door, which sounds bad, but I should clarify that she didn't answer the door as they don't have a doorbell and they were in the garden. But, rather than try the door and let ourselves in, we hopped back in the car and set off on a drive to find somewhere nice to enjoy the picnic we'd packed.

This was our picnic view. Pretty isn't it. I love the south of England.

It was somewhat windy and I got rather windswept.
A note about curly hair. I love my curls with a passion but have to admit that when curly hair doesn't want to play ball, it will go all out to fight you. Myself and my curls - constant battle of wills!

I decided to combine as many flamingos as I could manage into one outfit on this day, because I thought it was way overdue. I wore my charity shopped orange and pink chiffon scarf in my hair, flamingo stud earrings and my me made jacket with the flamingo brooch my sister got me for my birthday. I might have named it Ralph.

Add to that my flamingo cardigan and flamingo skirt with a Hell Bunny belt, eBay petticoat and my patent heels. My flamingo handbag was also with me but that was in the car.
And yes, I was sinking into the grass! Practical shoes for grassy countryside? Nooo, not when you have patent shoes to wear.

I think I need more flamingos in this outfit though, I'm thinking it isn't quite enough.
I think flamingo shoes would finish this look off nicely. And maybe a necklace. And a charm for my bracelet.

We passed this verge of beautiful flowers on the way home.

* * *

In other news, we're starting to get information through regarding this years London to Brighton Classic Car Run! I mentioned to Andy that it would be fun just after last years event was over, so we signed up for email alerts for when this years signing up started.

We entered Meirionwen in January, on the day sign ups started and are now getting emails and letters through, as the event is in June, so that's exciting ... and daunting, as I am Navigator Extraordinaire! They are the words of the organiser, not me. Andy contacted them about me getting a namecheck somewhere in proceedings, as currently it's just driver and car who get name checked, never mind she who has to get those two there. Mind you, with my sense of direction, we may end up somewhere completely different! Anyway, the organiser got back to us and said I shall be listed as Navigator Extraordinaire in the guide book ...

There's also a best period dressed competition, but after the Tilford saga, when there were very few people dressed up and we lost to a couple in uniforms, I am not hopeful. I believe I shall be wearing the same thing as I did then though, as I have a fascinator style hat for that outfit and otherwise would have to make one as I really, really want to wear a hat.

Unless that is, I can make my vintage Harrods pillbox hat work with my green dress that I wore on Drive It Day. I just had a play and not only is the hat in question moulting but it's also at odds with my today, very wild hair, so again, I am not hopeful! Better the hat you know, than the hat you haven't worn since you had longer hair and have no idea how to wear it with shorter hair.
I'm now wondering if I have any green ribbon so I can make a matching hat for the green dress ...

Interestingly, the two dresses are the same style, but for some reason, the green one looks more voluminous in the skirt area and therefore more fifties, while the leopard seems to fit more for early sixties, before the decade became the sixties and Meirionwen is from 1963, so Andy thinks I should tone the skirtage down a tad.

Phooey, now I don't know what to wear. I was all set for leopard but now have a green dress hankering.

Also, I shall be wearing different shoes as I still haven't had my kitten heels re-heeled. When was that Tilford event that I lost the tappity part of my heel? September and still I haven't taken them to the cobblers.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Drive It Day

23rd April was Drive It Day, an event organised by The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs which exists to uphold the freedom to use historic vehicles on the road.

A club we belong to, was organising a gathering at a hotel where they have weekly meets and then a processional drive to Selsey in West Sussex, to meet up with another car club. Of course, we wanted to take Meirionwen along to such an event.

We collected her the previous evening so she was here ready and then headed off to the hotel, where we caught up with the other members who we haven't seen since last September. Oops! I barely had a chance to look around as I was first cornered by an elderly gent who was raving about my outfit and how women of today actually BUY ripped jeans and what a disgrace it was! Then I was caught up chatting to another man who wanted to know all about Meirionwen and then another man who was interested in trading in his classic car for a Gilbern GT. People see Meirionwen, they covet her and then they want a GT too!

Next thing I know, a man is approaching me to ask if we were going on the processional drive and looking around, we realised most everyone had already gone and it was just us, a white 1958 Cadillac, a lovely white 1938 (I believe) Ford Popular and a red 1973 Alfa Romeo Spider left that were heading that way.

So we got a move on and the Ford led the way. Well we hoped he was leading the way, as the Cadillac was following him too and the Spider was following us! I had visions of him going home with a trail of cars in his wake! Turned out he was going there, but took us all on a detour.

Here's the Cadillac and the Alfa Romeo and then us, once we were there.
The Alfa overtook and slipped in in front of us on the way.

Our intrepid leader, the Ford. Stunning isn't it!
The Land Rover was an on the way interloper!

I must say though, it was fun going along in a little line of classic cars! It was a bit hairy when we got to Selsey though, as the Ford got through the small gap in the queue of traffic no problem, but then the huge Cadillac had to do it too.

It was actually pretty cold there, being on the coast, but thankfully I had my jacket. Here are some more pictures!

Me and a Thunderbird

What might have been ... an MG Magnette. This is what we were in the market for when looking for a classic car.

What was.
I saw Meirionwen and the rest is history!

Onto the outfit!
A very nice lady pointed me out to her daughter and described my outfit as classic vintage glamour, adding that I looked lovely.
I again got asked if I went to the Goodwood Revival, because of, you know, how I dress and I again explained that I dress like this all the time.

What I wore:

Green vintage chiffon hair scarf - gift from Curtise,
Diamante hairclip attached to scarf - gift
Faux pearl earrings - retail
Prescription sunglasses
Black swing jacket - gift from Andy
Vintage Aurora Borealis brooch - charity shop
Dress - Lindy Bop
Belt - Hell Bunny
Petticoat - eBay
Shoes - charity Shop
Flamingo handbag - gift
Gloves - retail

This is Annie! We saw her and her custodian at the garage getting petrol at the same time as us and pretty much followed her all the way to the hotel. I believe she's a Ford.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Pink Velvet

Hanging on the wardrobe in a garment bag is my prized pink velvet 1950's coat.
It cost me £10.
I don't often wear it as bright cherry brandy pink is quite the statement and you need perfect weather to wear it:
Cold, as it's a coat
But not cold enough that you need to button it
A perfect day with no threat of rain to ruin the velvet.

Tuesday of last week dawned bright and sunny, it was the perfect day for my coat. I wore my butterfly skirt, a twinset and pearls, both nan me downs, aurora borealis vintage earrings, a vintage chiffon hair scarf and my new to me black patent heels which I got recently from a charity shop in town for £7.25.

Andy wanted to go and see a man about fixing his guitar, or some such musician nonsense. I went along for the ride but consequently ended up sat in the car for half an hour. It was a beautiful day and how much nicer I thought it would be to be sat waiting in Meirionwen than our every day car. We had already seen a classic Saab sat outside a pub, so it was evidently the perfect day for taking a classic car for a spin. But I wasn't sat in Meirionwen, so I had to make do with watching a family of buzzards high in the sky, calling to each other as they caught the thermals.

So, when Andy finally emerged from seeing the man, the actual man, not the man that upset so many people in the past, It's the fault of The Man, man! The Man! Nor was it The Man who Lou Reed was waiting for in that famous Velvet Underground song.

Anyway. Once he was out, we set off at my request and collected Meirionwen. Her first proper run since September. We headed into Surrey as I wanted to go to a bespoke jewellers. Last year at out first classic car show I won a £50 gift voucher for said jewellers but couldn't actually afford any premade pieces he offered, so I returned with a labradorite cabochon and asked if he could do something with it so I could wear it as a pendant. He's going to sketch some ideas for me, so that's exciting.

It was fun walking back to Meirionwen in the sunshine as my coat looked vivid!
Oh the stares!

This done and dusted, we went for a little drive and ended up back near here at a pub we like. It's perfect for taking a classic car to, you often see them there in the summer. We had a drink there and then emerged into a cloudy overcast carpark and I hadn't even got a picture of my beautiful coat! And crikey O'Reilley, it was COLD! I was actually shivering.

Can you tell I was absolutely freezing?
Thankfully, as Meirionwen's engine is so far back under the bonnet,
she's actually toasty warm inside.

Shame it was such a gloomy point in the day as the pink just isn't popping here.

Andy, who is desperately in need of a haircut, claims date night this week is him taking me along to the barber so he can have his hair cut the way I like it ... aren't I spoiled?

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Our Welsh Wonder!

Happy St Davids Day From Meirionwen, our Welsh beauty!



Wednesday, 7 December 2016

It's Christmas!

I love Christmas.
I love December.
I actually prefer this time of the month as I love the run up more than the actual day I think, as I thrive on the anticipation.

These are some of our decorations, taken at about 6.30am this morning.
Odd that our sofa is plunged into darkness here!

That's Elvis Tree on the left, it was once white but has now gone an odd bronze colour which I am fine with, but it drives Andy nuts.
On the right, in the window is Elderly Tree. Andy got this the November after we met, so his place would be Christmassy when I visited. It's a little tired looking without the decorations, but it feels wrong to leave it in the cupboard or throw it away, so we have two trees! Three if you include Yarn Tree.

Yes that is a mesh gate in front of the tree protecting the side table.
🐰 🐰
Enough said I believe.
But I want to replace it with a portion of low picket fence, it'll look nicer.

As ever, atop the tree is Bataella the Snow Bat.

These are the bunnies decorations, taken a bit later, hence daylight!
They have stockings and I crocheted them a garland.
Once upon a time I made the bunnies paper chains.
They waited roughly ten days before tearing them down and eating them.
This is just their sleeping pen by the way. It cuts down on sleepy-time shenanigans. When we go out, an extension is added and the rest of the time they free range all over the place and on the furniture.

My lovely Father Christmas decorations.
Note that the one on the right is stood on a house. 
I feel he is bordering on being scarier than Krampus.

This camel was a cat sitting gift from the Middle East and he comes out every Christmas.

And here's Wilf wearing Andy's Christmas hat.
A pumpkin is for life, not just Halloween.

In other Christmassy news, we watched what I think is one of my favourite Christmas films over the weekend, the 1949 Holiday Affair, starring Robert Mitchum. We also saw the 1947 Miracle on 34th Street and will likely watch the 1994 version some time this week.

And of course, we still have Bad Santa to watch!
Yay for Billy Bob Thornton!
This one is Andy's favourite Christmas film, and oh he is annoyed they made a sequel!

And in non-Christmassy news, Meirionwen is all booked in for next years London to Brighton classic car run!
How exciting! I am to be navigator, despite me getting terribly travel sick if I try and read while in a moving car, and we may end up in Scotland rather than Brighton as my sense of direction is shocking, but still, exciting!
I am peeved though, that there was no room on the application form for the name of the navigator, just driver. The only spot to even mention my name was in the fifteen words or less box for details about driver and car. Meirionwen took up the whole fifteen words all by herself.

Oh and yes, I have worn tinsel on my head like a hat, so it's officially Christmas!

Thursday, 22 September 2016


A car show where you're positively encouraged to dress for your car?
Oh yes please, me, me, me!


Sunglasses, Shirt and Trousers - Retail
Sleeveless Cardigan - Vintage Hand Knit
Boots - Vintage

Me Made Hat
Vintage Clip On Earrings - Charity Shop
Vintage Crystal Necklace - Gift
Leopard Print Dress - Lindy Bop
Cincher Belt - Hell Bunny
Organdy Petticoat - eBay
Gloves - Retail
Kitten Heeled Shoes - Retail
Vintage Handbag with Glove Clip - Charity Shop & Etsy

Black Swing Jacket - Gift
Vintage Brooch - Charity Shop

Taken once home. Note, different shoes.


I was a little nervous to be honest. I kept asking Andy if I was overdressed for a Sunday morning in Surrey. He said I just looked like I hadn't gone home from the previous night! I suggested I take a champagne glass with me.

Anyway, we set off, following a red Jaguar for most of the way and upon arrival, the compliments for Meirionwen began before we had even parked. The event was at a rural life museum, so we had to drive all the way round, through countless classic cars, to get to our shady little parking spot.

Andy wasn't best pleased to be under a tree, but I didn't want to park with the MGB's. Meirionwen is NOT an MGB, she is a Gilbern GT, so we parked next to a little assortment of cars including a Wolseley and an Austin A35. The Wolseley just so happened to be owned by a gentlemen who also belongs to the classic car club we joined recently and only two weeks back, we sat in his Morris 8! I was wondering why he looked so familiar!

One man came up to me after looking around Meirionwen and leaned forward in a secretive manner. "Prettiest car in the whole show," he said quietly, before going on his way.

Prettiest ❤

We get this a lot. She may not have won mayors choice, a Lanchester won that title, but if there were a Prettiest Car category, I'm sure she would win hands down.

I went for a wander and was asked if I was after winning the Best Dressed Prize by one of the marshals. Now wouldn't that be nice, I said.

I LOVED this Model A Ford.

Willys Knight.

I found it increasingly difficult to walk in kitten heels on sandy ground and grass, but I managed pretty well all in. Some people said I should have worn trainers. Really? Trainers? I don't even own trainers. And even if I did, trainers and this outfit?


Saw this fabulous 1930's Jubilee Caravan. It was so cosy inside, but when I went back with my camera, someone was sat inside, so I couldn't exactly poke my camera in when they were having lunch!
It even had leaded windows in an art deco sunburst design!

Met some nice people in the Vauxhall Cresta Club area, including this lot ...

who were joking that Andy was going to buy me this Vauxhall for my birthday, seeing as I was so taken by it!

More lovely cars.

Vauxhall Cresta

Ford Mustang

I think a 1950 Dodge Coronet, but I'm not 100% sure.

Ford Thunderbird.

Daimler Dart

Mercedes Fintail

Jaguar Mark II

A Hurricane and a Spitfire went over, part of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. I overheard someone telling someone else about it, then in the painful walk back to Meirionwen, I promptly forgot about it and besides, I'd lost the heel cap from one of my shoes, so couldn't walk properly anyway. I was sat in Meirionwen, chatting to someone and then heard a loud rumble and managed to poke my head out just in time to see the two planes buzzing the event! I will never tire of seeing such things!

It was then I remembered I had spare shoes in the boot! Yay! Nowhere near as glam as my snub nosed kitten heels, but the shoeless can't be choosers and at least I could walk.
I knew I was never going to make it back where these beauties were when I spotted them, so took a snap on my phone. Good job I did.

Ford Edsel and a Chrysler

Um .. police car. That's all I have to offer!

Nice RAF type with his spiffy car.

And no, no we did not win best dressed, a couple in ARP and nurse uniforms won. Andy started his running commentary as we headed back to Meirionwen. "And Melanie takes down the nurse ..." I'm not competitive whatsoever, but to be fair, I did think popping on a uniform was an easy option, but that's just my opinion.

"It's a microlight!" says Melanie, once home, pointing enthusiastically.
That, or a pterodactyl.

Squinty McSquinterton at your service ma'am!