Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Good Night Mary Ellen!

It's another outfit post, another dress and another Lindy Bop dress at that!

I also have 'small hair' as it's just been washed.
The wonders of naturally curly hair # 2637: my curls need wetting daily (not washing, that is a once weekly job otherwise it's permanently flyaway and frizzy and as curly hair is naturally dry, frequent washing isn't recommended, as it needs the natural oils which washing strips away).
I have to 'wet it' daily as I get awful bedhead and the hair pixies run rampant through my hair every night, arranging it into ridiculous styles and sometimes when they are extra naughty, they put it into knots.
A daily 'wet' with the added application of some sort of product, means by day three after washing, it's gained volume and is looking fabulous again.

Anyway ... the outfit.

I would have worn a green scarf twisted in with the black rather than pink, but alas, my only green scarf is much darker and lighter would have been better. So, I went with pink.

I also would have worn my pink petticoat, but the dress is so floaty and the pink petticoat quite spiky for want of a better word and would have caught the lightweight fabric. So, I wore white and after typing that, realised you can't even see it, so that was a pointless explanation, wasn't it!

This dress is so wonderfully floaty and I adore the colour. 

These photos involved much bolting back inside, as our neighbour was in and out like a jack in the box. Inconsiderate I call it.

Pink and black chiffon hair scarves - Vintage, gifts from Vix and Curtise
Jewellery - me made, Accessorize and gift from Andy
Dress - Lindy Bop 'Mary Ellen'
Petticoat - eBay
Shoes - Charity shop

I made the necklace and the earrings I was initially wearing, years ago now, when I first started making jewellery. The necklace is made of clear quartz, rose quartz carved beads and the earrings rose quartz and I think, obsidian.

Andy was sorting out the bookcase yesterday and unearthed box upon box of my semi precious beads. So many! I really want to start making jewellery again, but have no findings and can't afford sterling silver, so I may possibly downgrade to silver plate.

I then remembered that I had these earrings, so swapped over, as I far prefer studs.

And then the clasp fell off the necklace, reminding me why I hadn't worn it in an age, I needed to reattach it. I used a silly little jump ring which wasn't strong enough for the job and it gave out under the weight of the beads.
So I changed to this, a birthday gift from Andy one year.

In other news ...
We watched Legend on Sunday night, the most recent film about The Kray Brothers. I had heard it was good, but I was surprised to find I really did genuinely enjoy it. Tom Hardy was excellent in the roles of both Ronnie and Reggie and there was a hefty dollop of humour throughout, needed I suppose, to counteract the reality of what the brothers were like. I particularly enjoyed Ronnie, he made me laugh throughout.

Also, lovely cars, lovely clothes, and wonderful interior design throughout.

Yes, it was long and I have a notoriously short attention span, but I sat through the whole thing ... in one go! Go me! It wasn't one of those instalment films I end up creating!


  1. Perfectly lovely!!! Both sets of jewelry work so well. Cheryl Elizabeth

  2. Fab dress and gorgeous hair! Mine's much better after a few days, it's dead straight and annoyingly silky. I like it when it's got some oomph when it's dirty!
    Tom Hardy is such a brilliant actor. Legend did us a massive favour, we had our best trading day ever after it was released as every hipster in London wanted a 1960s mac and luckily we had loads on our rails! xxx

    1. Thank you! That's the problem I get, it's soft and flyaway and has no substance, it needs to be lived in for a day or two, but I can do without the addition of sawdust which when we used that for the bunnies, often got in my hair!

      Huzzah for Legend! It's the only thing I've seen Tom Hardy in, other than some random advert and I can't even recall what that was for xxx

  3. You're so talented! The closest I get to making anything is sticking a backing on an odd earring and calling it a brooch.

    Beautiful dress on you-you look cool and summery and ready for a dance.

    I wondered how Legend would tackle the whole, "Lovable gangsters" bit. I mean, you don't want to glamourise killing, but not make the movie so heavy as it becomes unwatchable.

    1. Aww, thank you!

      I don't think I could have watched Legend if it was pure violence throughout, but little touches like Ronnie dancing and the scrap between the two of them, took the edge off. It's a tough call I'm sure, not going along with the whole glamour thing when it comes to those who have passed into, well legend, like The Krays and Bonnie and Clyde as you can't help but lift them up above the reality of what they were doing. Even at the time, the Krays were seen as glamourous and I am guilty of perceiving them as such on one basic level, and this comes with time passing, but at least I do know that what they did was terrible.

  4. I love that dress, Melanie, and as I love green and pink together, I totally approve of your choice of scarf. I'm under strict instructions from my hairdresser not to wash my hair too much, as it's getting to be quite dry (oh, the joys of getting older), but I could never ever last a week without washing. But it's fab that yours improves after a couple of days, though I'm pretty sure having curly hair has its fair share of disadvantages. You definitely should take up making jewellery again, as you are definitely talented. xxx


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