Friday, 26 May 2017

B-Movie Madness: The Thing From Another World 1951

Today's b-movie is 1951's The Thing From Another World.
It stars Kenneth Tobey, seen previously in It Came From Beneath The Sea

Scientists and American Air Force officials fend off a blood-thirsty alien organism while at a remote arctic outpost.

 Close-ups of "The Thing" were removed. It was felt that the make-up could not hold up to close scrutiny. However, the lack of close-ups gave the creature a more mysterious quality.

 The scene in which The Thing is doused with kerosene and set ablaze is believed to be the first full body burn accomplished by a stunt man.

  James Arness plays The Thing ...

... but he is difficult to recognize in costume and makeup due to both low lighting and other effects used to obscure his features. He reportedly regarded his role as so embarrassing that he didn't attend the premiere. He also complained that his "Thing" costume made him look like a giant carrot.

Rawr! Beware the carrot!

When producer Howard Hawks attempted to get insurance for the creature, five insurance companies turned him down because "The Thing" was to be frozen in a block of ice, hacked by axes, attacked by dogs, lit on fire, and electrocuted.


Did I like this?
No. No I didn't.
I was bored, distracted and only watched the whole thing so I could see The Thing.
I also didn't like any of the characters and I think you need to at least like the characters in a film (or book) to give you the incentive to continue.

And that brings us to the end of another of Melanie's stellar b-movie reviews 😉


  1. I like the Kurt Russell remake, which I love, but I've never seen the original. I guess I'll keep skipping it!

    1. Well this was just me, I can, and do watch some terrible films and will quite enjoy them, but I couldn't get along with this. I have never seen the remake.

  2. That's too bad it wasn't very good. Hawks made such good comedies, it is almost a shame he couldn't combine a horror movie with a sense of humour-"Bringing Up Thingy?"

    He does look a bit like a carrot!

    1. He did Rio Bravo too I believe and I LOVE that film. I really want to see Bringing up Thingy now!

  3. It's a shame it wasn't any good, but as usual I think the film posters are great! xxx

    1. Like I said to Mim, maybe it's just me! xxx


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