Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Pink Velvet

Hanging on the wardrobe in a garment bag is my prized pink velvet 1950's coat.
It cost me £10.
I don't often wear it as bright cherry brandy pink is quite the statement and you need perfect weather to wear it:
Cold, as it's a coat
But not cold enough that you need to button it
A perfect day with no threat of rain to ruin the velvet.

Tuesday of last week dawned bright and sunny, it was the perfect day for my coat. I wore my butterfly skirt, a twinset and pearls, both nan me downs, aurora borealis vintage earrings, a vintage chiffon hair scarf and my new to me black patent heels which I got recently from a charity shop in town for £7.25.

Andy wanted to go and see a man about fixing his guitar, or some such musician nonsense. I went along for the ride but consequently ended up sat in the car for half an hour. It was a beautiful day and how much nicer I thought it would be to be sat waiting in Meirionwen than our every day car. We had already seen a classic Saab sat outside a pub, so it was evidently the perfect day for taking a classic car for a spin. But I wasn't sat in Meirionwen, so I had to make do with watching a family of buzzards high in the sky, calling to each other as they caught the thermals.

So, when Andy finally emerged from seeing the man, the actual man, not the man that upset so many people in the past, It's the fault of The Man, man! The Man! Nor was it The Man who Lou Reed was waiting for in that famous Velvet Underground song.

Anyway. Once he was out, we set off at my request and collected Meirionwen. Her first proper run since September. We headed into Surrey as I wanted to go to a bespoke jewellers. Last year at out first classic car show I won a £50 gift voucher for said jewellers but couldn't actually afford any premade pieces he offered, so I returned with a labradorite cabochon and asked if he could do something with it so I could wear it as a pendant. He's going to sketch some ideas for me, so that's exciting.

It was fun walking back to Meirionwen in the sunshine as my coat looked vivid!
Oh the stares!

This done and dusted, we went for a little drive and ended up back near here at a pub we like. It's perfect for taking a classic car to, you often see them there in the summer. We had a drink there and then emerged into a cloudy overcast carpark and I hadn't even got a picture of my beautiful coat! And crikey O'Reilley, it was COLD! I was actually shivering.

Can you tell I was absolutely freezing?
Thankfully, as Meirionwen's engine is so far back under the bonnet,
she's actually toasty warm inside.

Shame it was such a gloomy point in the day as the pink just isn't popping here.

Andy, who is desperately in need of a haircut, claims date night this week is him taking me along to the barber so he can have his hair cut the way I like it ... aren't I spoiled?


  1. That coat is truly fabulous, I'd wear it all the time if it were mine. Do you remember me finding it's purple twin last year - the label in that said that it was "showerproof", I bet yours is too, it seems a crime to only wear it a few times a year.
    So good to hear that Meirionwen's been out for a spin and with the most stylish of people on board.
    I can't wait to see how your jewellery turns out, it sounds gorgeous. xxx

  2. What a fabulous coat, and I absolutely love its colour, which is certainly not for the faint hearted! I bet you got a lot of admiring looks! I was totally wrapped in your entertaining account of your day, picturing you sat in the car watching the buzzards. I was picturing you in Meirionwen, though. Glad you were take her out for a spin after all. Looking forward to seeing the jewellery! xxx

  3. It's a beauty that coat! Such opulence. I bet you feel queenly wearing it.

  4. beautiful coat in a beautiful color

  5. That is a fabulous coat, no wonder it's one of your treasures.

    How super to have a piece of jewellery designed for you - I bet it will look wonderful.

  6. Beautiful coat in such a gorgeous color! It looks lovely on you.

  7. The coat is lovely!!! You look fab! I like the fact that you are making him get his hair cut- mwa ha ha!


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