Wednesday, 8 March 2017

National Treasures: Polesden Lacey

Our fourth National Trust jaunt took us one very foggy and atmospheric day to Surrey and the beautiful Polesden Lacey.
So far this has been my favourite and it isn't hard to see why this is in the National Trust's top four most popular places. It is also the place that the future George VI and Queen Elizabeth spent part of their honeymoon at, in 1923.
I believe it's so popular because it looks like the sort of place you could comfortably live in.

Please ignore the little blue vehicle in the above photo. It was cold out and I couldn't wait for it to move, so snapped this and hurried inside to the toasty warm.

The staff were lovely and the man on reception said how glamourous I looked and that I could be lady of the house. Yes please! When can I move in????

The house was shown as it would have been over winter, with much covered up or in the process of being cleaned, but this just added to the charm.

Polesden Lacey is an Edwardian house (expanded from an earlier building) and estate.

This Regency house was extensively remodelled in 1906 by Margaret 'Maggie' Greville, a well-known Edwardian hostess. Her collection of fine paintings, furniture, porcelain and silver is displayed in the reception rooms and galleries, as it was at the time of her celebrated house parties.
Many of her jewels are in the care of our present Queen.

The grounds consist of 1,400 acres including a walled rose garden, lawns, ancient woodland and landscape walks.

Architects Charles Mewès and Arthur Davis, who were responsible for the Ritz Hotel in London, remodelled the house for Ronald and Margaret Greville. The couple filled the house with collections of fine furniture, porcelain, silver and art.

This was the first room we stepped in to, the entry way. Isn't it just stunning!
It was also wonderfully warm.

The dining room, where Andy spotted a bunny!

Bunny! It looks like Bob!

The room where they kept food warm. I loved this sink area.

Super gramophone player and radio.

I just love bits and bobs such as these.


Linen cupboard. How neat!
Ours looks like the Woodstock of bedding and towels in comparison!

This corridor is just stunning.

I was awestruck when I walked in to the Gold Salon, I simply couldn't speak it was so beautiful!

When I move in *cough* this room, the one designed to entertain Maharajahs,
this will be the bunnies room.


Look! I'm part of the furniture! It was meant to be!

And this is me, moving in.
New Lady of Polesden Manor and I have to carry my own bags?

Maggie's final resting place.


  1. Oo, what an interesting looking place! I like the 'lived-in' types. It's not far from Brighton so I may put it on the list for later this year when I visit my sister. I'm not surprised about the lady of the manor comment, you do look glam x

  2. You do look most at home at Polesden Lacey! I love all the ornate over-the-top touches as much as I do the more humble kitchenalia.
    The garden looks magnificently atmospheric shrouded in fog.
    I'm hoping to go Trusting tomorrow! xxx

  3. Hello, Lady of Polesden Lacey! Well, you could very well have been. I guess they are not used to gorgeously dressed people like you visiting. Jos loves Andy's hat, by the way! What a splendid house. This is exactly the kind of place I love visiting. I love all your wonderful photographs of the house's details. Must certainly put this NT property on my yet-to-visit list. xxx

  4. What an amazing house! The Greville Bequest includes some of the Queen's most stunning pieces. There's a tiara usually won by the Duchess of Cornwall that's basically an enormous honeycomb of diamonds, and that's one of hers. Clearly Mrs Greville was as happy to spend her money on her home as on her sparkles.

  5. It just looks glorious!!!! Wow! I've heard the name but didn't really know what it was. It is fantastic! Thank you!xxx


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