Sunday, 12 March 2017

Family Fashion Parade!

I thought I would share some family snaps!

This is my maternal grandmother Sarah.

Aged sixteen.
I believe I have the necklace she's wearing.

Holding my mother

 No idea who that girl is.



She's second from the right here.

Second from the left here and apparently my family knew Grandpa Munster! Who knew 😉

On the right here 

On the left holding my mother with three on her sister in laws. Guess this explains my curls!

My granddad is in the middle and that's his sister, June I think, on the left and that's my nan again on the right.
Seriously, how cool is my granddad? I rarely use that word but he looks like a rockabilly here! I'd love for Andy to have a sleeveless cardigan like he's wearing here but alas, I don't knit.

My granddad again, in Germany.

My granddad's brother Ray marrying wife June

My mother

and her again, aged fourteen

and again, marrying my step dad aged twenty three I think.
Fabulous wedding photo isn't it.

My biological father at the Isle of White festival.

My Scandinavian, paternal great grandparents

Great uncle Bert, my nan's brother.

And I saved the best for last.
The In Crowd.
My nan's brothers and sisters plus girlfriend.
That's Bert again second from the right.


  1. How fabulous. I utterly enjoyed this post, as I can gaze at old family photographs for hours. Your granddad is the coolest ever and the wedding photograph is "groovy". xxx

  2. This is delightful! I love seeing all these old photos!

  3. What a fabulous set of photos. You certainly do come from a long line of good looking, well-dressed people!
    That wedding photo is brilliant as is your Dad at the Isle of Wight Festival - so cool. xxx

  4. I love the wedding photo with that groovy white suit and blue dress!!!

  5. What lovely photos. How smashing that you have your grandmother's necklace. I particularly like the wedding photo; they look so happy and so very on-trend.


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