Monday, 13 February 2017

Time Slips

I like the days when things shift and it feels as though you have somehow slipped through a rip in time. Sunday dinner finished, washing up done, I found myself yesterday doing something my nan did every Sunday: the weeks ironing.

Pressing a nan me down jumper and cardigan from, I believe, the 1960's, I noted the missing button, which was lost long before it became mine. I retrieved my button jar and sorted through to find a match. There was one solitary contender, it was a fraction too big to match but I decided to use it anyway.

Reaching for my sewing box, I sat and attached the button. Billy Fury was playing in the background, it was quiet outside and all felt wonderfully old fashioned, like I could have fallen through that rip in time.

I have had these perfectly serene moments before, but two stand out.
The first was cooking Christmas dinner one year. I was alone, there wasn't a soul on the street and I was listening to the famous Orson Welles War Of The Worlds radio broadcast. That moment was pretty much near perfect.

The second was one summer as I sat on the sofa darning a sock. Again, so quiet. The window was open and I suddenly heard a push lawnmower making its distinct sound. Peering behind me, I saw the man across the road mowing his front lawn. Soon the smell of cut grass filled the room.

For an old fashioned girl such as myself, I believe it all comes down to those wonderful quiet times when I am doing things women have done for decades before me without thinking. It's so perfectly domestic that I believe time does rip, just for a moment and I am rewarded with that wonderfully perfect little treat of stepping back in time.


  1. Oh I hear ya. Even though I've had a bag full of the husband's socks for darning that usually ends up in the trash at the end of the year, I do appreciate those serene old fashioned moments.

  2. Yes! I'm so glad you blogged about this subject as I was just thinking about this myself yesterday. I was having a nap as I'd been up really late the night before, working on something, so I stopped to get some shut eye for a couple of hours and when I woke up it was deathly quiet, except for the birds singing outside and my curtain was gently blowing in the breeze, which was nice and warm for late January and the examples you gave here just reminded me of that. I loved the one about listening to War of the Worlds too, I love the radio version, and the musical too! - Tasha

  3. Heh, the only time I've ever felt like I'd slipped back in time was in Holland, and that's probably because I was seeing houses I hadn't seen since I was 3. Sometimes when I hear music I listened to at a particular point in my life, hearing it will take me back there, but it's usually to quite fraught times so I don't actually like going back. I've never felt further back than my own life, though.

  4. I seriously love this post, Melanie. Once in a while, I too slip back in time, but I never thought to call it that. It just takes a sound or smell, or sometimes something I've seen out of the corner of my eye, to take me back in time. I've been thinking of doing one or more "time machine" posts, they're all in my head, just waiting to be written. Thank you for the inspiration. xxx

  5. What a wonderful piece of writing, Melanie!
    I like to think I'm a thoroughly modern girl what with my bionic hip and my love of blogging but I suppose that's why I love India so much, I could be in another century sometimes. x

  6. I to find smells take me back more than sounds. Living in a 1930's house and now a 1950's house if I watch an old film or listen to some old music I'll sometimes sit a wonder if it has ever been played/seen in the house before and by whom.


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