Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Bunny Pimms - Simples!

I had my first Pimms at the weekend. Waitrose had an offer on so we swooped. I picked up a bottle and as we scanned it on the way round, it flagged up as £15, not £12. As we got to the self scan check out we queried this and the lady went off to investigate and came back with the bottle that was on offer as I'd picked up the wrong one. You'd think she would be coming back with a smaller bottle, right? Wrong. She came back with a humungous bottle. Biggest bottle I ever did see.

So as we watched the Tour de France on Saturday I whipped up a couple of glasses for us. Belle then got wind of the fact I was drinking something really interesting and kept nibbling at the stem of the glass trying to pull it from my hands. There was only one solution: Bunny Pimms.

Before you start shouting that you don't give bunnies Pimms (I know), I hasten to add, I made them BUNNY Pimms. I gave them a dash of apple juice, just a smidge, and added a piece of strawberry and a teeny piece of orange (as they don't like cucumber and we had no mint). They literally lapped it up.

It was very nice, yes, though Andy isn't sure, it then gave me terrible stomach pains. I haven't had a reaction like that for food or drink in years. Pesky IBS.

I don't know about you but I have long, long since got fed up with those meerkat adverts. It's a shame they went on and on and still go on and on. Initially I liked it but I soon grew weary. I wonder what it's done to the popularity of these fascinating little creatures.

Slender tailed meerkat.

Sleepy boar.
There were boarlets too but I couldn't get a good shot as they were moving about constantly in a shaded area which made photographing them difficult. 


  1. Gotta love a Pimms on a summer's day - it's one of those drinks that doesn't really taste like alcohol at all, which is always a bit dangerous... Glad the bunnies could join in with cocktail hour too! xxx

  2. Pimms is the one alcoholic drink I like!!! Mmmmm...
    Ha, bunny pimms is a great concept!!!x

  3. I love the bit where they snufkin up at the camera. Hope your innards are better now.

  4. Bunny Pimms is a great plan!

  5. Soooo much critter cuteness at work here. This gets me thinking, one could write a whole book on safe "cocktails" for pets of all kinds, though I do think some species would take to mixed drinks more than others (granted she's a picky eater, but I can't imagine what I could put in a drink that my cat might like - she'll have plain milk or cream, but other than water of course, that's all I've ever seen her drink or show any interest in trying to drink).

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica


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