Sunday, 12 July 2015

A Match Made In Heaven

Recently we went to a classic car show. It's a yearly event held on Father's Day at a pub not so far from here.

I was surprised at how big the show was.
There were oodles of beautiful cars there and I always like to choose my favourite. 

I passed car after car and just when I thought I had finally made my choice, I saw another car which trumped the one before.

As the show came to an end and cars started leaving, a car actually arrived. 

My jaw all but dropped.

All other cars were forgotten.

We'd met up with some friends of Andy and one of them, Loren, even remarked to me that 'my car' had arrived!

American styling but built for British roads, the Vauxhall Velox was MY car, even though the man who drove it to the show evidently thought it was his *cough*


He then left and returned with another Vauxhall, a black one. 

Further proof that the pink one was in fact mine.

Aren't we a perfect match?


And on to my outfit which got lots of compliments:

Vintage hair scarf - gift from Curtise
Prescription sunglasses - retail
Faux pearl necklace - nan me down
Hattie dress - Lindy Bop
White organdy petticoat - eBay
Flamingo handbag - gift
Black wedge sandals - retail
Parasol - retail

The dress is new to me and I really like it. 
It was perfect for the weather this day which skipped between being really hot and quite cool when the wind got up. 
It wouldn't be so good on a really hot day as the fabric is heavier than you'd want a summer dress, I think the day I wore this was perfect otherwise I would have been absolutely sweltering.
As I have mentioned here before the bodice falls short of my natural waistline but the belt covers this. It's also quite snug around the arms, but isn't uncomfortable.

I thought to take my parasol out this day, which Andy usually objects too as he gets self conscious about it, even though it's me carrying it; he thinks it's one old fashioned step too far. I reasoned with him, saying I don't have a hat and you see people carrying umbrellas in hot weather so why not a purpose built parasol? I burn very easily and am not one for tans, which my pale, pale skin is testament to.


  1. Cars leave me pretty cold, I'm afraid, old or new, but I can see that this one is rather stylish, and yes, a perfect match for you! xx

  2. Ha, that car reminds me of Penelope Pitstop!!! Your new dress is delightful! I knew it was Lindybop instantly!!!x

  3. Your dress and that car are AWESOME

  4. Oh my word, that car is breathtaking! What a beautiful shade of pink. I feel like these wonderfully colour coordinated snaps should be in a magazine - fashion, classic car, an relevant type!

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* You look gorgeous!

  5. That car should be yours, it suits you very well.
    I always take my parasol out with me on a sunny day, I've got a selection to match my outfits.

  6. The pink one ought to be yours, it looks so good with your dress. Who wouldn't want to accessorize with that car?

  7. you two are really a perfect match! This oldtimer is so right for you:) and the dress you have on is absolutely stunning. You look utterly perfect!

    I never saw the point of tanning for tanning sake. I have naturally dark skin and I admit I like when it becomes darker in the Summer but I never sunbathe ( I avoid sun when I can but I'm not going to extreme measures either) and I'm sure if my skin was natually fair, I would never try to tan just for tan sake.


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