Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Folly Bird and the Shoes

I thought I would do an outfit post.

Vintage purple hair scarf - gift from Curtise
Rainbow scarf - Knitted by me
Black swing jacket - made by me
Brooch - was Dorothy's
Purple top - retail
Lilac lace belt - ebay
Long black gloves - retail
Rose quartz and clear quartz bracelet - made by me
Navy polka dot skirt - made by me

I went into town with Andy today, resplendent in glittery welly boots as it was absolutely pouring with rain and my two pairs of ballet flats have holes in the soles, my black heels, well the heel fell off of one and my teal t-bars have baggy elastic attaching the buckles.  This makes me sad. So, I went in my wellies.

We had to go to Andy's late aunt Dorothy's flat and I wanted to drop my shoes in to the cobbler, for I am shoeless.

Of course the rain stopped once we were right in town and Andy had urged me to take a brolly.

I don't like brollies.

I like parasols but brollies are cumbersome and blow about and inside out and then I have to carry them about.

So I was lumbered with a brolly and wearing wellies which I was advised to buy a size bigger than my usual shoe size so that I could wear socks with them (welly boots are not the warmest of footwear). I was not wearing socks so spent my time slopping about in too big boots.

We got about two minutes from Dorothy's flat and realised we didn't have the door keys.


So Andy went on his way to work and I went to the cobbler.  My black shoes were put in to be re-heeled and I asked about the elastic attaching the buckle to my teal heels. £5.50. Per shoe. I left with them in my bag and despite the man ahead of me in the queue paying on collection of his shoes, they made me pay up front for the reheeling. Booooo! That depleted my money somewhat.

So now I had a brolly and a pair of shoes to lug about as I slopped about in my ginormous wellies.

Then a man almost ran me over outside the Sue Ryder shop. The lady in Superdrug liked my hair and I saw the ridiculously cute German Shepherd pup I had made friends with three weeks earlier.

I also had no money left for cake.

And that was that. 

Unheard of for me, I have been music free for the past month as first I wasn't in the music mood (feeling too blue to even try and cheer myself up with music) and then when I was in the mood, my twenty year old hifi switched itself off and refused to switch back on again. Upon investigation, it wasn't the plug fuse that had gone, it was an internal fuse which had blown. Thankfully the postie just delivered a new one (they don't sell them in town). Last night I uttered a sentence I never thought I would ever say, "I hope my fuse comes tomorrow." So I'm hoping the problem can be rectified as easily as changing a fuse.


  1. I was so desperate the other day that I resorted to buying a new pair of (half price, sale) shoes from a proper retailer for the first time in six years. I can't tell you the bliss from comfy shoes which don't leak or jar my ruined hip! xxx

    1. Huzzah for comfy shoes! I have a tendency toward ballet flats as walking around in heels too much makes my back ache after a while but on the other hand, I love wearing heels. I haven't been in a proper shoe shop since I was a teenager I think xxx

  2. Oh well, things will be looking up when you replace that fuse and get your shoes back, freshly reheeled! Purple and polka dots are lovely together.
    What size shoe do you take? I'll keep an eye out for ballet flats for you. xxx

    1. Fuse has been replaced and I now have musical accompaniment once more; bliss! Now all I need are my shoes :)
      Thank you, I'm a size seven. I spent a little more money on my last pair and they wore through in a scarily short time. Shoes are so expensive xxx

  3. Well! At least you had on a gorgeous purple top and matching scarf for all your adventures. I think that colour really suits you. I hope you were able to obtain or make some cake in the end? That would be a happy ending!

    1. Thank you! I think my colour palette is definitely made up of purples, reds, oranges and pinks.
      Still no cake. I don't have a huge sweet tooth and Andy is off cake at the moment so they would go to waste if I made them myself x

  4. You look lovely...I do like a bit of purple and the belt is so pretty. Hope you are now with music. I just comment on Curtise's post about my 30 year old record player still going strong!
    I don't like brollies either...especially not after the last one snapped in a gale and smacked me in the head on it's way out. When I was little I always wanted to be carried off by one a la Mary Poppins to somewhere more exciting. A bitter disappointment it was!

    1. Thank you xxx
      I love that belt, I have a pink one too, but it doesn't stay done up very well, it works loose very easily.
      Thirty years is impressive, but then they don't make things how they used to. I once again have music and it's blissful! I'm just glad it was only a blown fuse and I didn't have to pay out for something new which would die on me in a short time.
      See, brollies are dangerous! I lost count of how many times Andy whacked me in the head yesterday when he was carrying it!

  5. Splendidly lovely ensemble! I feel all the more drawn to it because I dubbed purple my colour of the year for 2014. Of course I'll be wearing others still this year, but I'm on a quest to up the quantity of violet in my wardrobe and as a result have become drawn to any purple fashion I see (especially if it's vintage or vintage appropriate) like a month to a fashionable flame. :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you Jessica x
      I love purple, it's in my favourite colour pallete of purples, reds, pinks and oranges :)

  6. I had to Google search "brolly". That one's new to me! Love the skirt by the way

    1. I keep forgetting that I'm using British terms and some people might not know what I'm talking about! And thank you xxx

  7. Shoe repairs are so expensive, aren't they? I get mine done because I hate the thought of things ending up in landfill, but after a few repairs I always think, "I could have bought a new pair of shoes by now!"

    1. They are really pricey. I don't buy leather shoes and once I find synthetic shoes in a style I like that are comfy I have to keep them going so end up paying out :)


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